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Corpse Husband Biography,Stalking incidentControversy

Corpse Husband Biography

Cadaver Husband (Bron: August 8, 1997 [age 24]), otherwise called Corpse, is an American YouTuber and performer from San Diego, California, United States. He is known for his profound, discernable voice, and playing Among Us with other YouTubers and Twitch decorations, alongside his shock portrayals.
Cadaver is essential for a local area of YouTubers known as Horror Narration Channels. He likes to peruse shocking tales that are ordinarily sent in from his supporters, or from Reddit subreddits like r/LetsNotMeet and r/NoSleep.

corpse-husband-merch blog

Stalking incident, Controversy

At some point, someone thumped at the entryway of Corpse Husband’s home. His mom opened the entryway where she met a more bizarre who guaranteed that he was associated with a gas organization and expected to get inside. His mom let him inside and he left soon after. At the point when Corpse Husband returned home, his mom let him know what had occurred. He then, at that point, called the gas organization, who expressed they didn’t know about the circumstance.

The following day, Corpse Husband and his family were out. At the point when they got back, they saw someone by a vehicle left in their carport. The man behaved like he was looking at their vehicle then, at that point, left soon after. The following day, when Corpse Husband was in his room, he heard clearly talking outside his home. He and his family dismissed it when abruptly they heard an accident. They went to the patio and saw a worn out up sofa. His family begun going crazy when someone began kicking the front entryway. Simultaneously, vehicles were heading out and individuals were shouting outside of his home. At the point when he and his family made the way for defy whoever was doing this, they were no more. From that point forward, there have been different events in which individuals have followed his home, and each time one of his relatives emerge from their home, they dash off. Since June 2016, Corpse Husband hasn’t referenced more episodes like this.
Lesbian slur
In October 2020, Corpse Husband got enveloped with a discussion on Twitter when a more seasoned video of him saying the lesbian slur “dyke” in a harrowing tale reenactment video reemerged. He accounted for himself in a video and the dramatization cooled off. From that point forward, the video about the harrowing tale has been taken off YouTube

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